Utility storage solution

SunTera is a new generation utility-scale energy storage system with advanced liquid cooling. Housed in a 20 feet container, this advanced system boasts an impressive 3.44 MWh capacity, delivering enhanced safety, efficiency, and real-time monitoring for optimized operations and maintenance.

Its modular design caters to a wide range of utility applications, including grid stabilization and load balancing, ensuring reliable performance and cost-effectiveness. Experience the future of energy storage with SunTera.


Provision of Control Energy

SunTera stores excess energy for grid demand, offering real-time grid stability response and added revenue. Easy implementation with minimal infrastructure adjustments, no major investments needed.

Network Connection Optimization

SunTera enables utility and EPC providers to use renewable energy as intermediate storage. Store excess energy, meet demand even with limited grid connection.

Avoiding Low and Negative Electricity Prices

SunTera stores electricity during low-price periods and discharges it during high-price periods, maximizing revenue and energy generation profitability.

ESS in Power Generation

Support the widescale deployment of renewable energy and provide ancillary services of the grid

ESS in Power Transmission and Distribution

Release existing transmission capacity and relieve network peak load

ESS in Power Consumption

Supplement to the electricity supply, reducing the cost and ensuring the stable power network

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