High Voltage Stackable Solution

Jinko Smart Storage System is a state-of-the-art energy management solution designed for owners who plan to implement effective residential energy management. It provides an efficient solution for your home’ s green electricity consumption, reducing costs, and maximizing the self-utilization rate of power generation.
Jinko Smart Energy control app enables visual real-time monitoring and energy performance management. Remote control can be easily done with the touch of a button.

Long lifespan

Jinko's household solar storage system has a long cycle life with a full 10-year warranty. The uniformly distributed temperature inside the battery, the embedded self-heating module significantly extends battery life.

High power PV compatibility

The system supports high PV input current. Excess energy produced by the oversized latest technology PV panels will not be lost and will charge the battery.

Increased Safety

The highly sophisticated management system guarantees maximum security of the products against potential safety hazard. The split battery solution contains additional cell-level anti-fire and heat-dissipation materials to prevent potential fire hazard.

Reliable operation under extreme weather conditions

The inverter and the battery pack are protected at the highest level from solids and dust and they are water resistant (rated as IP65). The split battery solution, contains additionally an internal heating panel that allows the system to operate flawlessly down to around -30C.