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At JinkoSolar, customers come first. We know customers want to buy products from strong corporate citizens with sustainable manufacturing practices. We strive to build deep and enduring relationships with our customers, who trust and rely on us to be part of their success over the long term.

Our goal is to build a position as the leading provider of sustainable photovoltaic products and making the necessary steps to protect our workers and the environment. We believe that achieving this goal will help retain existing customers, attract new customers, and further strengthen customer trust.

Doing the right things the right way creates value for JinkoSolar and strengthens our position as a global solar PV industry leader. Deeply embedding corporate responsibility and a commitment to ethical behavior in all that helps us overcome headwinds and keep leading position in gross margin and profit even through the volatile time for the industry.

Xiande Li, Chairman of JinkoSolar

Highlights of 2017 achievements

EHS Report

We produce solar modules to drive a global transition towards a cleaner and more sustainable energy generation. At the same time, we continuously improve energy efficiency, reduce emissions, and conserve resources throughout our operations. JinkoSolar’ s strategy to achieve our environmental goals is a mix of to regulatory compliance, viable recycling solutions and pollution prevention processes, mitigation of environmental risks, instilling strong environmental culture, building a green supply chain, and fulfilling our corporate social responsibility. We also focus on improving the energy-efficiency performance of our products, and collaborating with our suppliers to develop innovative ways that technology can address long-term sustainability challenges. 

2017 has been a generous year for us, as we not did only achieve record high shipments, but we also significantly improved year-over-year the key indicators of the Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) performance is based on. JinkoSolar continues to invest in state of the art production and testing equipment, engage in efficient resource consumption, pollution prevention, and continuously improve and streamline our company's EHS performance. JinkoSolar’s activities not only meets EHS requirements, but are also benchmarked against recognized international practices.

Responsible Manufacturing

JinkoSolar cares deeply about responsible manufacturing. From reduction of resource inputs to a sustainable product lifecycle, the company cares about it all. In fact, we are one of only two PV module manufacturers globally to achieve Silver Cradle-to-Cradle certification by SGS. We promote product design for ease of recycling and support policies around the take back of PV modules. When PV modules are at end of life, we suggest customers contact us at in order to get the latest information about where to recycle. We do have a few locations we suggest including SEIA in the US, PV Cycle in Europe, Chilerecicla in Latin America, Emirates Recycling LLC in the Middle East, and Enviroserv Waste Management in Africa. To learn more about our manufacturing practices, please see our EHS report.


The Solar Scorecard is based on SVTC’s annual survey of photovoltaic (PV) module manufacturers, as well as on prior survey responses, interviews, news stories, and publicly available data. The goal of the Scorecard is to enhance transparency around environmental health, safety, and sustainability issues for communities, workers, and the environment.

The Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition (SVTC) envisions a safe and sustainable solar PV industry that:

  • Takes responsibility for the environmental and health impacts of its products throughout their lifecycles, including adherence to a mandatory policy for responsible recycling.
  • Implements and monitors equitable environmental and labor standards throughout product supply chains.
  • Pursues innovative approaches to reducing and work towards eliminating toxic chemicals in PV module manufacturing.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Jinko Solar, we believe that corporate responsibility is simply good business. Doing the right things the right way creates value for Jinko Solar and strengthens our position as a global leading Solar PV products and energy provider. Deeply embedding corporate responsibility and a commitment to ethical behavior in all that we do helps us mitigate risk,reduce costs, protect our brand value, and develop new market opportunities.

Empowering Communities

Caring for the earth and future generations is an important and indisputable part of JinkoSolar’s corporate social responsibility.

We are using our company’s resources to empower our employees to bring warmth and care to the communities we serve all around the world.

Workers Rights

JinkoSolar is committed to safe and healthy working environments for employees at our factories and in our supply chain. We have strong internal policies that govern the safety and rights of our employees.

We also support the standards in the Responsible Business Alliance (formerly EICC) Code of Conduct.

For more information, please see our EHS Report and CSR Report

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