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JinkoSolar's GW smart factory is an intelligent and digitally enabled factory that impacts a consolidated, connected and flexible model of organizing factory operations. It features more sophisticated process technologies and solutions to augment operations with additional capabilities. It allows us to deploy advanced production and quality data analysis to further improve the quality, yields, responsiveness, and reliability of the facilities, and optimize the inventories and logistics' flow.

Smart factory refers not just only to hardware and data but also to the employees and processes. The smart factory is the ideal complement to the JinkoSolar's strategy that consists of Digitalization, Sustainability, Customer-Orientation and Green production.

Bring Innovations to Production Maturity

Originally starting from upstream, JinkoSolar has accumulated unparalleled know-how in the development and production of wafer  and solar cells, we know more about the “engine” of a photovoltaic system than peers. In addition, Its unique process of new  technology entering the production stage is seamlessly applicable to this R&D ecosystem, accelerating time-to-market for customers.

Precision and Lean Operations

JinkoSolar’s manufacturing infrastructure is tailored for a high product mix environment. Following its commitment to manufacturing excellence, JinkoSolar has equipped a sophisticated scheduling and dispatching system, full automated manufacturing, industry-leading automated materials handling systems and intelligent mobile devices, and employed Lean Manufacturing approaches to provide customers with on-time-delivery and best-in-class cycle time. Real-time equipment performance and productivity monitoring, analysis, diagnosis and control minimize production interruption and maximize cost effectiveness.

Manufacturing Excellence

JinkoSolar has implemented statistical process control, advanced equipment control, advanced process control, and integrated big data analysis systems to optimize equipment performance.

JinkoSolar engages in engineering big data analytics, and applies the technology in the management and control of equipment, processes and yields. The intelligent automation systems, driven by the decisions based on big engineering data, assure the high efficiency and stability of JinkoSolar’s equipment. It also analyzes the production-related parameters to identify critical variables that influence product quality and yield. Accurate modeling and control at each process stage drives intelligent  module loop control. The process control dispatching via sophisticated computer-integrated manufacturing systems enables optimization from equipment to end products to achieve precision and lean operations.

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