JinkoSolar is Invited to Deliver a Key Note Speech at the Climate Week NYC
by Jinko Solar

SHANGHAI, Sept. 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- JinkoSolar Holding Co., Ltd. (NYSE: JKS) ("JinkoSolar"), an innovative global solar module manufacturer today announced that it has been invited as a speaker to The Climate Week NYC, which is biggest climate summit taking place in 2020, organized by the Climate Group and hosted in association with the United Nations and the City of New York.

In particular, JinkoSolar will participate in the RE100 Members Forum, an exclusive event which will celebrate all the RE100 member companies for the many ways they've accelerated the transition to a renewables-based electricity system. RE100 is an initiative that brings together the world's more influential companies committed to power all of their operations with 100% renewable energy sources, and JinkoSolar was the first module supplier to join this green initiative. In fact, as an active leader in the global dialogue on clean energy transition, JinkoSolar has always been committed to drive actions towards a shift to low carbon economy, and joining RE100 represents another big step to achieve this ambitious goal.

To date 254 leading companies coming from countries all around the world make this commitment, and together the RE100 members demand over 240 TWh per year of electricity, which is the equivalent of the total demand of Indonesia. This means that RE100 members represent the electricity demand of a major economy and that's a really strong signal to the market and governments, that renewable electricity makes business sense, and business is on demanding renewable electricity.

Commenting on the significance of JinkoSolar joining RE100 and on its participation in the RE100 Members' Forum, Sam Kimmins, the Head of RE100, the Climate Group, shared: "We are really glad of having JinkoSolar participating in RE100 Members' Forum as Jinko's commitment to RE100 is very important for a number of reasons. First of all JinkoSolar has been a pioneer in China, as the first module manufacturer to join RE100. Secondly as a module supplier this sends a really strong signal around the circular economy: using renewable electricity to develop renewable electricity equipment is a wonderful circular story and a great example of how the economy should run. And thirdly, as part of this really rapid growth of interest in RE100 in Asia, JinkoSolar is setting a great example to its peers and to other companies in its region."

JinkoSolar Global Vice President Dany Qian, regarding JinkoSolar commitment to RE100, said: "Joining RE100 by committing to be 100% powered by renewables is not just a matter of CSR, is a matter of economic sensible and smart investment. Doing well by doing good is now realistic and has become a new strategy for more and more businesses."

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